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Your goal is to collect as much CREDITS as you can. To start producing CREDITS, you need to hire your bartender , and buy some drinks, in the beginning beer, later wine and whisky. When you unlocking the science, you can produce and sell another kinds of drinks/foods. The game also allowing you to get extra CREDITS from fast cash links, every 30 minutes , 3 fast cash links are available. Just click to fast cash links (on the right side) , wait 5 seconds, and click skip ad. There is also Paid to click section for collecting some CREDITS for viewing sponsor advertisements. There is also daily bonus in the bonus section, and you can claim some CREDITS (and science points) from the 4-hour bonus on the bottom of the page. The next source of CREDITS are events: they are appearing every 60 minutes (if you turning on popunders in the account tab, the events will appear every 30 minutes). After unlocking science, and make some science upgrades, you will earn more money, also there are inventions, that giving you unique cards. There are cards, that can be upgraded for CREDITS and they are giving you higher income. Also you can try to buy some lucky coins and gamble them in the casino card. You can also try out gambling in the best online casino bitcoin sites, which offers with best loyalty programs and bonuses. Bitcoin has taken over the world's most popular betting sites. We'll rank and review all of the major Bitcoin betting contenders, as well as help finding a bitcoin sportsbook that offers quick payouts, bonuses, and promotions. OK slow down a little, too much information for the beginning :)

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