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Exchange GFBUX used for game life and boosts

Exchange Rates

1 Bitcoin in USD




1 GFBUX in Satoshi

0.7329 Satoshi *

Bitcoin to GFBUX

Used to purchase game life & game boosts

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GFBUX to Satoshi

Exchange for withdrawing to your Bitcoin address

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* The displayed valued is shown in decimal, the actual exchanged value is non-decimal.

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What are GFBUX?

GFBUX is short for GameFaucet Bucks, a new virtual currency specific to the site and it's functions. The exchange rate changes based on the current Bitcoin price.

What are GFBUX used for?

Up until now you may know about boosts and life which are bought using your Satoshi balance. However that is no longer the case, as all life and boosts are now bought using GFBUX.

In addition to this, the new doing offers & surveys feature started by paying directly in Bitcoin to your account balance. They now pay directly in GFBUX. Games continue to pay in Bitcoin Satoshi.

How do I get GFBUX & buy game items?

The quickest way to get a lot is by doing offers & surveys. If you are unable to do offerwalls then you can claim on the turbo faucet and exchange your Satoshi for GFBUX above. Additionally, you can use any of your existing Satoshi balance to exchange to GFBUX right now.

Why the need for GFBUX? Why not continue to pay in Satoshi?

When we launched GameFaucet in May 2016 the price of Bitcoin was around $450. In early 2017 the price has more than doubled to over $1000 at times. By paying in GFBUX we can make sure the amount we pay is proportioned exactly to the current Bitcoin price when paying out for offers & surveys and charging for game items and life.

How can I profit from GFBUX?

By holding on to GFBUX at all times you are able to make profit using simple day trading techniques: buy low, sell high.

Don't have any GFBUX?

You can get them by purchasing them above, or by doing offers & surveys