Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below are hand picked to answer the most common queries

GameFaucet is a place where you can earn Free Bitcoin by playing all our Bitcoin games for free. Each Bitcoin game is different. Some of our games require skill, some of them don't. There is a variety of Bitcoin games you can chose from!
You can earn money in 3 ways: By playing games and winning, or simply by claiming free Credits from the Faucet. Every Faucet claim will give you 150 Credits. The third way, is to become an Affiliate.
It really depends on how much referred users claim. You will get 10% of what they claimed. We have a Bonus Weekend promotion, which will give you 75% for the entire weekend, instead of the regular 50%.
1 Game Credit is equal to 1 Bitcoin Satoshi (0.00000001 BTC or 0.00000432 USD). This is referenced as such around various parts of the site. A Credit is real, as real Bitcoin can be.
Yes! We are a fully working Faucet with the benefit of playing games with the free credits you claim. To withdraw visit the Withdraw page. The minimum withdraw amount is 0.00020000 (20000 Credits). You will be asked to register a full account before you are able to withdraw.
When you visited the site for the first time, a unique temporary account was created for you automatically giving you limited functionality to play games and claim Faucet earnings. You can freely come and go at any time using the same browser, or directly by book marking your unique URL. A full account is created when you want to withdraw your Credits, and you are required to link an Email address, a Bitcoin address and a Password. Each time you withdraw you will enter your assigned Bitcoin address and Password as verification. You can also choose to password protect your Unique URL using the same details.
Since we are a faucet, we get 100% of our earnings from advertisement revenue and other monetisation methods. Not only do these earnings help keep the website online, they are what fund your payouts and winnings! If you want to keep enjoying the site we enforce the display of ads.

I'm playing anonymously/unregistered
If you don't register your account (using your email address), then after 14 days of non-activity your account will be purged and all credits returned to the Faucet balance to be redistributed to other users. Your Unique ID will also be unavailable and a new account will be made for you automatically. To avoid this you need to make a Faucet claim or play a game every 14 days.

I'm fully registered
The same will happen to registered users who sign up with their email address, except the limit is 30 days and your account will not be deleted, only your credits will be returned to the Faucet. The only exception to this rule is if you are an Affiliate and have made at least 1 Credit in the last 30 days.
We try our best to prevent the creation of multiple accounts. If the system detects that another account already exists with your IP address you will be flagged. This will cause you to encounter the following limitations:

A) be unable to make any claims on the Faucet
B) only start with 1 Credit.

If you are having this problem and believe it to be an error, please contact our support team.
When you get flagged, you are unable to use the Withdraw feature of the site without manual verification. The only reason you will be flagged is if you try to make multiple accounts and we detect it, or if you are suspected of botting on either the Faucet or any game.

BOTTING IS FORBIDDEN. WHOEVER GETS CAUGHT, WILL GET BANNED. WE WONT UNBAN ANY BOTTING ACCOUNTS. Additionally, when a strange API call is made you may get flagged.
When a user goes from a rotator, or a referral link to the site, a new user is created in the system, even if he doesn't claim/spin once. After 6 hours that user is deleted to keep the database clean. However they still keep your Refer ID for life. If/when they decide to return another user will be made and your number will increase again.
Unfortunately, no. You can't. The only option currently is your account/wallet. You don't need to sign up for an account, simply wait 24 hours and your coins will be sent out automatically after you request a withdraw.
Do not share your account information with anyone, reset your password regularly to be on the safe side.
If you find a bug, please report it as soon as possible, so we can fix it. You will be rewarded for this. If you don't tell us and you get caught abusing bugs and exploits, you will be permanently banned.

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