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Physics strategy game to collect all the Bitcoins


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Squirrels eat Bitcoins!? That's right! You have a new pal squirrel who's hungry to eat as many Bitcoin Acorns he can get his paws! Travel through woods using careful planning and strategy to progress.

Do you have the skill to satisfy his stomach's deepest desires?

Click the play button and finish the short-link to play the game!
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Item Shop

Buy items and boosts with GFBUX

Item Name Description Cost You Have
Squirrel Squirrels to carry out collection expeditions 16 GFBUX 1
Life +1 Get 1 more chance in each level 25 GFBUX
Win Requirement -1 Requirement on each level to win drops by 1 30 GFBUX
Thick Fur Your fur is thicker and you bounce less 5 GFBUX

Need More Credits To Get Items?

You can get more credits by claiming on the faucet or becoming an affiliate

How To Play & FAQ

The aim of the game is to drop the squirrel so he bounces and collects as many acorns as possible. On the top left is the target for the current level. Once you reach this target the level will end.
At the bottom of the level there are a set of baskets labelled 5x, 10x and 15x. When you land in each one the amount of acorns you picked up will be multiplied by the number on the basket. Try to land in the 15x or 10x one as much as possible.
If you are having trouble winning on each level, consider purchasing the level requirement -1 and extra life boosts. This will allow you to last 1 extra drop per level, while lowering the target by 1. Additionally you can purchase thick fur, which reduces bounce distance when hitting objects.

The item shop contains various boosting items which alter the gameplay of each game in various ways, ranging from movement speed to physics attributes. They are called boosts because the change boosts/improves the game.
To buy an item, simply press the 'Buy Now' button. You must have the required cost in your credits balance before you can purchase the item.
There are 2 types of items for sale: required items and one-time use items. Required items are essential to play the game, for example Bubble Shooter needs at least 1 Cannon to begin the game. One-time use items are boost items, which serve to change the game aspects. If you purchase 1 boost and click 'Play Now', the boosts you own will automatically be used (1 boost will be used if available from each category). The effects of the boost will last for the entire game session until game over or completion.
To play the game without using any of your boosts click the 'Play Now (No Boosts)' button.
At this time, that is not possible. You must begin the game with the 'Play Now' button to enable boosts.
If the Play Now button is greyed out, then it means 1 or both of 2 things. You either do not own the required item to play, in which case you will be shown a box with 'Attention Required' instructing you to purchase the item needed. The other possibility is that the timer has not expired since your last play session. Please see the help item below.
Currently each game is tied to a separate timer which starts when you end a play session. The time you wait is incremented in 5 minute segments based on how much you won. During this time, you will not be able to play the game in question, and you will need to browse the other games available.

Do you have any queries?

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